Yacht and Marine Chronometers

Marine Navigation Set.

Marine Navigation Set

Even in an age of GPS systems and satellite navigation, a sextant and chronometer are still recommended equipment for a luxury or ocean-going yacht because they do not rely on on-board electronics and are therefore indispensable as an emergency system.

The marine navigation set by Nautische Instrumente Mühle-Glashütte combines traditional instruments into an astronomical position-finding system for use at sea. The set contains two high-grade instruments from leading manufacturers, namely a Mühle marine chronometer and a Freiberger drum sextant.

The drum sextant made by Freiberger Präzisionsmechanik allows exact measurements of the elevation angle between the ship/visible horizon and ship/celestial body lines of sight. In addition, horizontal angle measurements are possible near the coast. Moreover, the sextant features sensitively adjustable mirrors of tested surface evenness. Finally, a large telescopic field of vision and a protective eyecup ensure easy position finding.

The technical specifications of the chronometer used in the marine navigation set correspond to those of the quartz marine chronometer.

A marine chronometer manufactured to DIN 8319 by Mühle-Glashütte.

Quartz Marine Chronometer

We considerably exceed the requirements laid down for chronometers by the DIN standard 8319. The outstanding accuracy of our chronometers is achieved by means of ultra-modern electronics with a selected artificially aged and temperature-stabilized 4.19 MHz piezoelectric quartz.

As with all Mühle products, the readability of the timepiece stands in the forefront. Our chronometers have a clear non-reflecting face with a separate scale for the second hand, which moves smoothly without vibrations. The time can also be read when the lid is closed.

The battery can be changed without interrupting the action: The chronometer will continue to run for at least 5 minutes and it is not necessary to reset the time. No maintenance by the manufacturer is required. The mechanism and electronics are designed for years of continuous operation. Adjustments by an expert are even possible without opening the chronometer. The trimmer and test jacks required for this are located under the cover plate at 7 o'clock.

The material and surface finish adhere to the requirements of maritime duty. The case provides protection against dust, dripping water and interfering radiation. In view of its reliability, functional capability and easy handling, our nautical chronometer is also suitable for use in industry and research.

Yacht Chronometer LUXUS

Yacht Chronometer LUXUS

Extreme precision: The LUXUS Yacht Chronometer comes with a quartz movement with a start-stop switch. It can be operated using one commercially available 1.5V baby battery.

The valuable mahogany case is impeccably finished with brilliant polyester varnish. The brass corner inlays are gold plated in order to prevent oxidation under the varnish at a later point in time.

Yacht Chronometer ECO

Yacht-Chronometer ECO

Precision without compromise: The ECO Yacht Chronometer has a quartz battery movement with a start-stop switch and can be operated using one commercially available 1.5V baby battery.

The elegant mahogany case is varnished with a special transparent lacquer to withstand the roughest conditions on board.