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Limited to 300 pieces

The 29er Casual
with a green dial

A special edition of the 29er Casual limited to 300 pieces is now available on our website. This not only has a green dial that was specially developed for the limited edition, but also an exclusive edition rotor. The occasion for the special edition was the 30th anniversary of German unification.

Like all 29ers, the 29er Casual with a green dial has the most beautiful outfit that a Mühle movement can wear. The 29er case owes its charm to its varied surfaces. The bezel has a brushed top, while the sides are finely polished. The middle section of the case, in turn, has a vertical cut and is framed by the bezel and the polished sides of the screwed back.


The alternation of glossy and matt surfaces creates an exciting interplay of light reflections and makes the 29er housing a real eye-catcher. In addition, the stainless steel case of the 29er Casual is one of the flattest cases in the current Mühle collection – and with a height of 9.75 millimeters it also cuts a fine figure with a sporty slim-fit jacket.


The popular German entertainer and hit star Wolfgang “Lippi” Lippert was won over to present the exclusive Mühle watch. He has a very special relationship with German unity, as he is known as a popular entertainer in both former East and West Germany. Again and again he visits formative places of the turning point and is inspired by history and surroundings. He wears the exclusive special model of the 29er Casual.

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Who can service my Mühle wristwatch?

You have various options, if you would like to have your Mühle watch professionally serviced. For example, you are welcome to bring your watch directly to our factory or send it to us by post with the note “Service”. Please contact us in advance if you would like a service in our factory in Glashütte. We will be happy to provide you with more information about our services, the safe shipping of your Mühle watch and send you a return slip. In addition, you can contact a Mühle specialist dealer in your area. They will not only give you competent advice, there you can also hand in your watch for an inspection conveniently and easily.

Where can I find technical details for my Mühle wristwatch?

The most important technical information on watches in our current collection can be found on our website by visiting the “Wristwatches” page and selecting your collection and model. Technical details for your model can also be found in the instruction manual for your watch. If you have any further questions, especially regarding older models, please feel free to contact us.

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