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The mechanical wristwatches made by Nautische Instrumente Mühle-Glashütte fully focus on the fundamental task of a timepiece:
to measure time exactly and to display it so that it can be read at first glance.


Robert Mühle Zeigerdatum

The Robert Mühle Zeigerdatum is now the leading model in an illustrious collection of time measuring instruments fitted with the rare complication: pointer date.

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S.A.R. Rescue-Timer

The function and design of the S.A.R. Rescue-Timer were to a large extent determined by the captains in the German Maritime Search and Rescue Service.

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Teutonia Sport I

Be it roaring down the Nürburgring race track or speeding down the slopes in the Swiss Alps, the new Teutonia Sport I doesn't just thrive on measuring the time it takes to cover a certain distance, but also loves to reveal speed measurements at a glance too.

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Teutonia II Chronograph

The Teutonia II Chronograph is ticking evidence of how an elegant watch can be given a sporty touch.

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Lunova Datum

The Lunova Datum is able to truly shine in new splendour thanks to its stunning outfit. Its fully polished case made of high-quality stainless steel makes it one of a kind in the Mühle collection.

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A family company like Mühle-Glashütte is always in motion. Which new watch models are we introducing in Basel? At which events can you find us? How did our wristwatches perform in the last test? We warmly invite you to become involved in and find out more about our work and our passion for mechanical timepieces. Welcome to the family!

27. April 2017

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Our news and social media pages have now been providing you with an insight into our work and our passion for mechanical time measuring instruments for quite some time. These are now being joined by our new online newsletter, which enables you to receive even more exciting information about Nautische Instrumente Mühle-Glashütte in a simple and convenient process ...


Enjoy being different: With our new Models for 2017

Here at Nautische Instrumente Mühle-Glashütte, we enjoy being different. This is precisely why we would rather breathe fresh country air than sit in an air-conditioned office or make our way along a muddy forest track instead of gliding along a stunning cycle path. Does this sound familiar? This is precisely why we make watches designed to master all kinds of different situations.


In order to ensure that a Mühle watch is the ideal companion for every adventure, we send it on its way with very special qualities in the form of our three nautical values: "precision, robustness and readability". These guidelines play a role when we develop new time measuring instruments in the present day, the best examples of which are our Teutonia Sport and the new Lunova. 


More about our new Models for 2017


With its fascinating images and reliable detailed information, our website enables you to gain an excellent insight into our wristwatches.

Nevertheless, if you want to find out how valuable a Mühle watch feels when sitting on your wrist and explore its fascinating mechanical movement up close, it's essential that you experience it in person. Your local specialist Mühle retailer is right around the corner and is looking forward to welcoming you and showing you our time measuring instruments in detail soon.