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The 29er case
The most beautiful outfit a Mühle movement can wear: The alternation of shiny and matte surfaces creates an exciting interplay of light reflections.
Flank protection
The side protection of the screw-down crown fulfills a dual function: it reinforces the dynamic appearance of the watch and effectively protects the crown from lateral impacts.
The 29er dial
The applied hour markers on the inside and the fine minute track on the outside of the dial: this division into two parts makes the dial of the 29er particularly clear.

Like the dinghy, like the watch

29er - the name says it all! The watch family was named after the sailing dinghy of the same name, with which young sailors compete in the youth championship class of the German Sailing Association. The dinghy is considered to be particularly fast, sporty and dynamic. This made it the ideal namesake for our 29er. The only difference was that we had driven all speed out of it - in favor of accuracy.
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