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Family business 6.0

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Best future prospects for our independent family business: Since February 2024, the 6th Mühle generation has officially joined its management team. After Thilo Mühle took over the management of the company from his father Hans-Jürgen in 2007, he has gradually developed Mühle-Glashütte into an esteemed manufactory. Now he is proud that his love and enthusiasm for the family business is being passed on to his children Fanny and Dustin.

By joining the management of Mühle-Glashütte, Fanny and Dustin have taken on independent areas of responsibility. Thilo Mühle retains the main responsibility for the family business and supports the future successors in getting to know all areas of the company in depth.

Fanny Mühle is responsible for sales management and customer care. The topic of customer loyalty and the promotion of positive, interpersonal relationships within the company and with customers are close to her heart. She is pursuing the long-term goal of making Mühle watches more visible on an international level and thus even more successful.

Dustin Mühle heads the production department and manages the manufactory. As a qualified engineer, he sees his task as optimizing and constantly modernizing production processes. He will work on creating future-proof structures to further anchor the family business in the digital age.

This is what the 6th generation stands for

Our family business has been part of us and our world since childhood, an important foundation. That is why our company and our tradition are very close to our hearts. With all our passion, we will accompany Mühle-Glashütte into a successful future.
This is what the 6th generation stands for

Fanny Mühle

Fanny Mühle has been working in the family business since 2021. After intensive training in the areas of internal sales and customer relationship management, she is now in charge of them. In addition to these tasks, Fanny, who has a degree in social education, is particularly interested in an open corporate culture and good interpersonal relationships, especially in the world of work.

She feels very connected to the Mühle values of reliability, honesty and genuineness and would like to make the family company even more visible and tangible on the basis of these values. Fanny’s heart beats for the craftsmanship and quality of Mühle-Glashütte products. Her vision is to create above-average customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, also on an international level in the long term.

This is what the 6th generation stands for
When I travel, I am always fascinated by the diversity of different cultures and economic systems. And when I return, I feel that Glashütte is my home, firmly anchored in our family business.
Fanny Mühle
This is what the 6th generation stands for

Dustin Mühle

Dustin Mühle has been working in the family business since 2019. After getting to know the company structures and undergoing a thorough induction, he is now in charge of production and the manufactory where our movements and watches are made. As an industrial engineer, Dustin loves to think his way into processes.

One of his major goals is to lead Mühle-Glashütte into a modern and successful future through sensible, innovative approaches and forward-looking ideas. In doing so, it is important to him to take the employees with him and integrate their know-how and valuable experience. His long-term vision is to develop new forms of work that serve the company and its employees in equal measure, characterized by autonomous and self-determined action.

This is what the 6th generation stands for
I am very close to nature and sport and outdoor exercise are not only a way for me to relax, but also a source of strength and inspiration for myself and my work.
Dustin Mühle

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Who can service my Mühle wristwatch?

You have various options, if you would like to have your Mühle watch professionally serviced. For example, you are welcome to bring your watch directly to our manufactory or send it to us by post with the note “Service”. Please contact us in advance if you would like a service in our manufactory in Glashütte. We will be happy to provide you with more information about our services, the safe shipping of your Mühle watch and send you a return slip. In addition, you can contact a Mühle retailer in your area. They will not only give you competent advice, there you can also hand in your watch for an inspection conveniently and easily.

Where can I find technical details for my Mühle wristwatch?

The most important technical information on our current watches can be found on our website by visiting the “Wristwatches” page and selecting your collection/model. Technical details for your model can also be found in the instruction manual for your watch. If you have any further questions, especially regarding older models, please feel free to contact us.

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