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Time signal for the Baltic Sea

The ProMare Date
GEO Charity

Abandoned plastic fishing nets are floating around Rügen in the Baltic Sea or are caught on shipwrecks lying on the seabed there. They are a life-threatening threat to all marine life. The Society for Rescue of the Delphine e.V. has been carrying out rescue operations on a regular basis since 2019 to collect and lift ghost nets. To support this important work, we have developed an exclusive special edition together with GEO magazine: The ProMare Date GEO Charity.

“For the sea” – this is what the name of our sports watch family ProMare means, which is made up of the Latin words “pro” (= for, forwards) and “mare” (= sea). The focus of the ProMare, which is waterproof up to 30 bar, is the nautical virtues typical of Mühle – best readability, precision and robustness. The robust sports watches are made for outdoor and water activities of all kinds: from sailing to beach kiting to water skiing. In the ProMare Date GEO Charity, the term “for the sea” has an additional meaning. Because with the new special edition we are doing something for the sea in cooperation with GEO – more precisely for the Baltic Sea. From the purchase price of each ProMare Date GEO Charity, 100 euros go directly to the Society for Rescue of the Delphine e.V. This allows around 100 kg of ghost nets to be recovered in the Baltic Sea – which benefits the 102 animal species that are native to the Baltic Sea: from fish, porpoises and seals to crustaceans and sea birds.

Exclusive edition dial

The ProMare Date GEO Charity is the newest timepiece in our ProMare watch family. The robust sports watch shines with a case that is water-resistant to 30 bar, including a screw-down crown and 2.5 mm thick sapphire crystal. In addition, a turquoise-blue dial was developed for the GEO edition, which is limited to 102 pieces. The minute track has been given a green accent line to match the green tip of the second hand.

Best readability at day and night

Best readability is a top priority for the ProMare Date GEO Charity. This not only applies to the quick recording of the time at day and night, but also to the easy recognition of the date. In the ProMare Date, this is around 30 percent larger than in comparable watches and therefore deserves to be expressly mentioned in the name of this Mühle watch.

Mühle rotor with GEO engraving

The ProMare Date GEO Charity also shines with a few special features on the side ot the movement . The limited special edition has an exclusive rotor engraved with the GEO logo and two ghost net symbols. In addition, the case back is not only provided with the reason for the limitation of the watch, but of course also with the individual limitation number, which impressively documents what is unique about each watch.

GEO - See the world through different eyes

Every month GEO nourishes one of the strongest positive feelings we humans know: CURIOSITY. Curiosity is fulfilled when we experience something that opens up new horizons, that lets us see the world through different eyes. Knowledge and information are easily accessible today, but only that knowledge is significant that does something to us, that brings us forward. For this you have to search longer, research more deeply, illustrate opulently and finally write down in an entertaining way.

GEO was founded in 1976 as a magazine whose reports and photographs celebrate nature. Since then, GEO has inspired millions of readers to become enthusiastic about the beauty of our planet, to understand its increasing threat and to stand up for the protection of its habitats and inhabitants. That is no longer enough today. Today, GEO wants to be part of the solution and focus even more on sustainability in the future.

The ProMare Date GEO Charity was developed in cooperation with GEO magazine and is only available through the GEO brand shop.

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Who can service my Mühle wristwatch?

You have various options, if you would like to have your Mühle watch professionally serviced. For example, you are welcome to bring your watch directly to our factory or send it to us by post with the note “Service”. Please contact us in advance if you would like a service in our factory in Glashütte. We will be happy to provide you with more information about our services, the safe shipping of your Mühle watch and send you a return slip. In addition, you can contact a Mühle specialist dealer in your area. They will not only give you competent advice, there you can also hand in your watch for an inspection conveniently and easily.

Where can I find technical details for my Mühle wristwatch?

The most important technical information on watches in our current collection can be found on our website by visiting the “Wristwatches” page and selecting your collection and model. Technical details for your model can also be found in the instruction manual for your watch. If you have any further questions, especially regarding older models, please feel free to contact us.

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