Nautical virtues

The origin of our wristwatches

We have been manufacturing wristwatches since 1996. Two years earlier, Hans-Jürgen Mühle, the fourth generation of our family business, had already started manufacturing marine chronometers and ship’s watches. Before we started manufacturing the first wristwatches, we thought about what distinguishes our marine chronometers and ship’s watches. At sea, precision, reliability and best readability count most – the so-called three nautical virtues.
We have transferred these requirements to our timepieces for the wrist.

Nautical instruments and precision mechanics

The roots of our
family company

In 1994, Hans-Jürgen Mühle began manufacturing marine chronometers and ship clocks. Even today, we equip cruise ships with clock systems that can include more than 130 subsidiary clocks.


A year after we started production, a shipyard asked if we could supply some robust, water-resistant wristwatches to equip ships. We had learned from our history that there is nothing in precision engineering that a Mühle cannot do. So Hans-Jürgen Mühle said without further ado: Yes! This was the beginning of our wristwatch production.


We have transferred the requirements of professional seafaring to our wristwatches. And that is why our timepieces appear under the name “Nautical Instruments Mühle-Glashütte”. The nautical reference is something that they were born with.

Nautical instruments and precision mechanics
Recently, we not only celebrated 25 years of “Nautical Instruments Mühle-Glashütte”, but also the 150th anniversary of the company's founding by Robert Mühle. This is how long we have dedicated ourselves to precision measurement and manufacture precise mechanical measuring instruments. This is the central theme of the history of our family company.
Thilo Mühle
5th Generation
Precision. Robustness. Readability

The three nautical virtues

To ensure that our watches are ready for any adventure, we give them very specific characteristics: the nautical virtues – precision, robustness and good readability.


The elaborate regulation of our movements ensures the best precision. Each watch is adjusted in such a way that its rate values lie between 0 and a maximum of 8 seconds per day and are thus slightly in the plus range. The regulation is based on the chronometer standard and on an internal guideline:

The wearer of a Mühle watch should not be late because of his watch.


High robustness is made possible by our shock-resistant woodpecker neck fine ad­just­ment. Added to this are high-quality cases that are waterproof to at least 10 bar.

Good Readability

Like our nautical instruments, our wristwatches are also instruments for measuring time. That is why we pay strict attention to good readability when developing the dials. The time must be recognizable at first glance. This is the elementary task of a watch, behind which all other functions take a back seat.

Nautical instruments and precision engineering

The complete story

For over 150 years, the name “Mühle” has stood for precision and accurate measurement.


Robert Mühle laid the foundation for this. In 1869, he founded a company in Glashütte that provided watch manufacturers with precise measuring instruments. We are still dedicated to precise measuring today – but since 1994 in the form of nautical instruments and mechanical wristwatches. These time-measuring instruments are not only committed to the family tradition, but also to the nautical virtues of precision, robustness and good readability.


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