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The highlights of the
new Mühle website

There are so many beautiful and exciting Mühle watches. Which of these should decorate the start page of our new website was not an easy decision. Eventually this fell in favor of the S.A.R. Rescue-Timer – the ultimate Mühle watch. It has been used by sea rescue workers since 2002 and has remained unchanged in design and function since then. Your interest in this unique timepiece remains unchanged. Therefore, the emergency watch and the cooperation with the sea rescue services will now be honored in more detail. What else is new on the new website? See for yourself …

From the richly illustrated display of the timepiece to additional information on the creation and material of a Mühle watch, to downloading the operating instructions in PDF format: there is a lot of new and useful information to discover on the new Mühle website. Here are the highlights at a glance:

There must be order

Overview of the collection

The collection is now particularly clearly grouped into our various watch families. There is not only one representative of each model, but also dial and strap variants. This enables a quick overview and good comparability of the individual models.

To the collection overview

How to find your favorite watch

Watch search via filter function

On the overview page for the current collection you will find 99 variants of a total of 39 models in 8 watch families – finely sorted according to dial color and / or diameter if you wish. So have fun browsing through our collection.

Try the filter function

Purchase a Mühle watch

Watch pages with shopping function

Fascinating pictures, well-founded information: you can get a good impression of our wristwatches on our website. The best way to experience how valuable a Mühle watch feels and what fascination its mechanical movement exudes is at a Mühle dealer. You can now purchase a Mühle watch there and directly via our website.

Discover watch pages

Purchase a Mühle watch
On the one hand, with the new website we have improved the display of our timepieces so that our customers can get a comprehensive picture of a model. On the other hand, you can now purchase a watch directly from the website. You can decide, for example, whether you want to pick up the watch from a specialist dealer or purchase it directly from us. Not only do we maintain the partnership with our specialist dealers, our customers also have the freedom to choose when, how and where they buy a Mühle watch.
Thilo Mühle
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Pure emotion

Websites with exciting videos

The Sea-Timer BlackMotion and the website for cooperation with the German Society for Rescue of Shipwrecked People (DGzRS) are just two examples of a completely new functionality of our website: directly embedded videos.

To the video of the sea rescuers

A look behind the scenes

Case materials and more ...

What material are our watch cases made of? Which titanium alloy do we use for the Sea Battalion GMT? How quickly does the patina of a bronze case develop? These and other questions keep coming back to us. We have now summarized some of them for you on the new website.

Learn more

Good orientation

Fast navigation on websites

The navigation of the new website is divided into two parts: The main menu is always visible next to the Mühle logo and can be expanded and collapsed there to switch to a subject area. Navigation within a website is possible with a menu ribbon that is placed below the title bar or appears there when you scroll down. Red markings show where you are at the moment – by clicking on a navigation point you can jump quickly between the content or return to the page intro.

Test page navigation

The classics in our collection

The Teutonia

Discover the family

Luxury follows function

Discover 29er collection

Tool watches

Discover our tool watches

An elegant appearance


Perfect watch-life-balance

Discover our Panova collection

Born for the sea and more...

Discover ProMare collection

Always in motion

Discover our Sea-Timer BlackMotion

Classical aviator watches

Discover the Terrasport collection

Our functional luxury symbol

Discover our Teutonia collection
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