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Perfect Watch-Life-Balance

The Panova

Anyone who likes varied outfits will love the Panova: Thanks to its perfect watch-life balance, the Panova is the ideal entry-level and lifestyle watch. There are also three colourful dials and six different interchangeable leather or textile straps, that can be exchanged in a few simple steps. There are no limits to the fashion-conscious combination options.

The decision has been made, the first step has been taken: anyone who has found his or her path and is going through life with both determination and an open mind has a clear view of new opportunities and possibilities. For all those who are then also concerned with the right watch-life balance, we have developed the Panova. The name of the Mühle watch is based on the one hand on the word panorama and on the other on “via,” the Latin word for path.

Interchangeable Straps

The Panova is an all-around successful everyday watch and can also be ideally used as a vacation watch, to name just one example. Whether it’s building sand castles or swimming in the sea: after everything that’s fun on vacation, you can simply rinse the case of the Panova with tap water, swap a water-resistant textile strap for a fine leather strap – and it’s immediately ready for use again for dinner.

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The Panova Blue

Life is a festival of options – and the Panova Blue the right statement on the wrist! Because a watch is always a homage to one’s own life. And because that’s exciting, the Panova Blue wants to be there everywhere. Thanks to the nautical virtues of a Mühle watch and the exchangeable leather or textile straps, it is a reliable partner on the wrist at any time and on any stage.

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The Panova Green

Everything in life can be viewed from two sides: Some people are hiking through the freshly green Erzgebirge mountains on a beautiful spring day – but every little stone under their sturdy hiking boots bothers them. Others are out and about on a foggy November morning, delighting in how beautifully the dense fog wets the fluffy green moss of the rocks with fine droplets. The Panova Green wants to be a little piece of moss, a constant glimmer of hope for all situations in life for its wearer.

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The Panova Grey

Serious grey meets creative orange, traditional mechanics meets lifestyle design, luxurious appeal meets perfect watch-life balance: the Panova Grey derives its special appeal from exciting contrasts. These give the new Mühle watch a very unique aesthetic and a multi-layered character. The best example of this is the grey metallic dial. Light and shadow play with its fine polish and captivate the viewer with fifty shades of grey.

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