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Taking Style to a New Level

The New Panova Red

Available in blue, green and grey, the Panova by Nautische Instrumente Mühle-Glashütte already boasts an impressive colour palette. With its new vibrant red version, the time measuring instrument is now going one step further and reaching out to confident, lifestyle-oriented watch connoisseurs.

Red usually means stop, but in the case of our latest Panova model, the Panova Red, it means go, go, go! In addition to its existing blue, green and grey designs, this watch is now also available with a red face. Red is one of those colours that simply never go out of fashion, and in summer 2021, it’s time for red and its various shades to return to the forefront in the world of fashion.


To embrace this trend without dressing in red from head to toe, watch-lovers can now add a touch of vibrant red to their wrists with this elegant new accessory. With its stunning red face, the new Panova adds a splash of colour that packs a punch and provides a perfect finishing touch for every outfit. And if that wasn’t enough, the eye-catching face of the Panova also features a finely grained finish that causes its bold red colour to vary depending on the light, changing from a dark shade to a lighter shade.


The new face colour is complemented by a selection of two straps that can be easily changed in a matter of seconds and fit all existing models. As a result, the Panova family now offers a world of combination options to suit even the choosiest of wearers. For a sporty approach to life, the textile strap in black with a grey stripe down the middle is not only practical but also perfectly complements the black indices and brushed stainless steel case of the Panova Rot. Its elegant alternative is a black leather strap with a napped surface finish for a very sophisticated appearance.

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